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Crafted with Love, from Our Family to Yours We're reinventing what it means to develop the best products for babies. While you can't directly reach the people in charge at leading baby product vendors, you can reach us, because we're family operated and health oriented, so we only offer products we trust enough to use with our own families. So you know you're getting the best, every time.

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We won't just say “try BabieB baby products now, and love them or your money-back” because we're truly dedicated to your satisfaction. So we'll check in with you in 30 days, to guarantee you love your baby bowls, spoons, mash bowls, toddler spoons and the Bamboo Diapers.

Give Yourself One Less Thing to Worry About. Cleaner Baby, Happier You. As a family run company bursting with little ones, we Get It! The more you insure your babies safety and health, the better you'll feel.

Best Baby Bowls, Spill Proof, Stay Put Suction Bowls with Seal-Easy Lids Stack Easy For Storage Gift Set of 3 Colorful Sizes Perfect for Babies & Toddlers BPA & BPS Free FDA Approved -BabieB

About Product

  • COMPLETE BABY FEEDING SET: Each baby bowl set comes complete with 3 different color and sized baby bowls with lids. Our set also includes a bonus fork and spoon which means you will be ready for mealtime without any additional purchase required. Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea!
  • NEW AND IMPROVED STAY PUT BABY BOWLS: We have upgraded our bowls to even better suction and our bowls have shown to have as good or better suction than any other brand
  • FDA INSPECTED AND APPROVED: Our products have been certified FDA safe and free of any harmful chemicals. Each bowl set is proven to be Latex free, Lead free, BPA free, and Phthalate free.
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our product is guaranteed to last while your baby is still in diapers and beyond.If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will either replace the product or give a full refund. We promise this guarantee forever. CUSTOMERS SAY: "The bowls refuse to move- which frustrates the little ones when they are craving to make messes. But I'm so happy with them" | "These bowls are super cute and are so practical for travel

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  • I bought the bowls for my nephew. I tested them and they suctioned very well. The bowls are made of FDA approved food grade plastic, and are 100% BPA, latex, lead, and phthalate free. This is so important to my sister-in-law, so it is something I always look for when I buy presents for Austin. My favorite thing about these bowls though is the strong suction cup on the bottom. It really works! It holds so securely I couldn't even move the bowl. The bowls suction very well to smooth, clean surfaces. I can definitely see Austin not making mess with these bowls at mealtime and my sister-in-law doesn't have to worry about flying bowls. They're colorful and there is a little tab on the bottom that mom or dad can release, and they come right off. I love that! I would definitely recommend this set to anyone who has a baby or toddler. It would make a wonderful baby shower gift as well. The company's customer service is excellent. I got follow-up emails from Bridget at BabieB making sure I knew the best ways to use the bowls and confirming that I was satisfied with my purchase. I'm very happy with the purchase.

    By - Katie E Howton
  • I love the Best Baby Bowls, Spill Proof, Stay Put Suction, the name describes the product perfectly. I am all about reading reviews and with twins, I need durable quality of everything to last. The quality exceeded my expectations. No more spills on the floor equals to a lot of time saved and less cleaning which we all love. I can put their bowls on their highchair and they stay put. They were very surprised they couldn't pick it up and throw them. I also purchased the matching spoons BEST Baby Feeding Spoons BPA Free Soft Silicone First Stage Infant Spoons-Ergonomic and they are amazing. I love the soft silicone spoon, makes feedings easier and more comfortable for the babies. They are learning to feed themselves and the bowls and spoons have made my life a lot easier. Both great items, great quality, you wont regret it, I would definitely recommend both.

    By - SUZY
  • I bought these for rotating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the fridge for my 6 month old! I make my own food using the instant pot pressure cooker and silicone candy shaped molds that hold 3 oz of food. I freeze and store in ziploc bags and after a meal is complete, I take one out, put it in the bowl in the fridge and let it defrost for the next day! I figured out this method by trial and error and so far there is nothing I need to change! The suction cup bottom keeps them stacked together in the fridge and the lids make them easy for travel use also! Perfect size for a 3 oz serving of frozen food plus 4 tbsp of wholegrain cereal/oatmeal!

    By - TruthSeeker818
  • Was considering getting the Munchkin version since it's well known, highly rated, and a lot cheaper than this one but if you take a few minutes to read through the reviews, the Munchkin ones seem to have a lot of issues with the suction... no suction on suction baby bowls? - what's the point? This one has consistently positive reviews and people have raved about customer service - purchased this as a Lightning Deal and tested the suction as soon as they arrived...the bowls were COMPLETELY STUCK onto the tray table of our high tray! My eyes grew big with delight as our little one is just starting on solids and likes to touch and move (aka throw) things around. Also, I love the fact that these come with covers (they have different shapes/designs on each lid). Also, my package came with a $5 coupon for future BabieB purchases. Highly recommended!

    By - NachosMama
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BabieB Mash and Serve Bowl Set to Make Homemade Baby Food w/toddler spoon fork utensil w/travel case included

About Product

  • Best Mash n Serve Bowl Set you’ll ever need when introducing solid food into baby’s diet
  • Save Money! Make fresh baby pureed food cost effectively. Turn veggies into puree
  • Use Steam, hand blend, puree method that allows you to make healthy food quickly
  • No more worry: BPA and Toxin Free. Microwave and Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean
  • You get: 2 mash bowls, 2 mashers, 1 spoon, 1 fork and a germ free utensil travel case

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  • I bought this initially as a present but than I decided to keep it making baby food while babysitting my boyfriend’s brother’s daughter once or twice a week I look after her all day. I’m going to buy another set for them. As soon as it arrived, we used it right away. I make baby food at home using the steam/hand blend method but this allows me to make baby food right there on the spot and it's nice and fresh. Sure one can argue (poorly at that) that a fork and bowl could yield the same results, but dump your fresh food right in, give the small pulverizer a push and about 2 spins later, you have fresh baby food. My boyfriend’s brother’s daughter loves eating: bananas, avocado, peaches, nectarines, and melons. For the banana and avocado, mix it with a little coconut milk or formula to get it to the right runny consistency. The thing I like about this bowl for nectarines and peaches, those fruits have a tendency to be stringy. This device cuts up the string without making the mush too runny and leaving it a thick consistency (something a fork and bowl will take you quite a while to do). I like that you can feed your baby right out of the bowl and clean up is a breeze. So glad I bought this thing.

    By - Gyongyi K
  • I love these masher bowls!!! It is very convenient to have two sets. I always use one in the morning, and need to run to work, and when I got back from work I have another clean one to use... then I wash both of them in the evening getting ready to the other day. Just perfect! They have the best customer service ever! My set came incomplete, so I contacted them directly and they answered me on the same day! They sent me the fork and spoon set that it was missing and also a 6-spoon set that change color with temperature as a complementary gift. LOVE IT!!!!

    By - Daiane A.
  • I’ve ordered the mash bowls with the utensils for my friend and she LOVES them. I’m expecting my 3rd child so I will definitely get one as well when the time comes. She says it’s been very helpful as she can mash up food for her child and she doesn’t have to make separate food for her little one. They eat pretty healthy, lots of vegetables so this set comes handy and she doesn’t need to use her expensive kitchen blender and wash it so she saves a lot of time. I’m so happy I choose this package. Two mash bowls comes very handy she says; when they go out to eat at the restaurant she’s just takes out the mash bowl from her diaper bag and viola baby food is ready in few seconds. The utensils in the travel case will come handy later on when her baby gets older so for now she uses the first stage silicone spoons from Babie B. Highly recommend this product.

    By - Amazon Customer
  • This is a life saver! Saves money too from buying the spendy baby food maker and even processed baby food. My baby loves it too! When she sees it, she knows it's feeding time as she gets too excited!😘

    By - Ai
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BEST Baby Spoons BPA Free Soft-Tip First Stage Silicone Infant Spoons Baby Training Gift Set 5 pack

About Product

  • Safely reduce the risk of choking with perfectly sized shallow spoon that serves baby the right bite portion every time. Perfect size for baby’s little mouth
  • Soft Silicone Material: soft tip protects baby’s delicate gums and teeth. No more pain even the fussiest baby will enjoy mealtime with our colorful spoons.
  • Perfect size: Long enough nonslip ergonomically designed handles will make feeding easy on the wrist. Not a teething toy!

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  • These are great!! They are soft on my babies mouth and not to deep for a first time eater. Since my little one just got his first teeth he also bites in it but it won't hurt him. I'd definitely recommend these over another big brand that also has alot of stars, at the very least for first few months the other ones which we also got since they were super cheap to just add on are good but more so for a child that I think already eats well and is a little bigger. But these for sure will be used a while.

    By - Syb
  • We love the spoons! Our nanny and ourselves have really enjoyed using them with our little boy. He is a smaller little baby then most & the slender design really helps fit into his mouth better than other spoons we've tried. The deeper well of the spoon helps to hold more soft puréed food then the shallow well of other baby spoons- and the even the handle is more ergonomically comfortable for us the feeders. Great colors, great temperature safe- a home run! An added bonus, once we switched to these spoons our son started feeding himself! We think the curved design helped.

    By - J. Bailey
  • Safe for baby. Fun colors. Perfect firmness and size for infant's mouth. Only thing is, when I used it for carrots it completely stained it. I tried to scrub it and leave it soaked in various concoctions. Nothing worked.

    By - J. Choy
  • Really good product. Perfect for the gums of my little one and now its teeth. So they are perfect to learn how to swallow at the beginning without hurting mouths. I will probably buy some spoons a little bit "deeper" when my baby will be older but I believe I will still use them for at least a year or 2.

    By - Steph
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Toddler Training Learning Spoons Forks Travel Case Included 3 Set Utensil Unisex

About Product

  • 2nd stage Training and Learning spoons and forks designed for toddlers to help and learn how to self feed themselves. Perfect size, easy to grasp non-slip ergonomic handles for little hands. Fun colors to teach and educational. Make mealtime safe fun and easy with bright colors!
  • Looking for gift ideas for any occasion? Each Babie B products will make a great Baby Shower Registry Gift especially if you buy them together with the first stage infant silicone spoons, stay put suction or mash bowls. You can never have enough spoons and forks around the house with a fast growing baby around. Second Stage Toddler Training Learning Spoons & Forks are specially designed for toddlers to learn how to eat on their own. Get one for grandma's house, and your friend.
  • Microwave, dishwasher safe. Easy to clean high quality, BPA, PVC Free, sturdy, durable. Easy to grab wide non-slip handles. You receive: 3 different colors spoons and 3 forks + 1 travel case. Size: 5.5 inch 1 1/8 wide spoon bowl. Travel case will keep utensils clean on the go and during traveling. Throw one in your diaper bag. You get: 3 different color spoons and 3 forks + 1 travel case. Size: 5.5 inch 14cm long handle 1 1/8 inch, 3cm wide circle shaped spoon and fork bowl.

Product Reviews

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  • These are great!!! My sons loves them and I am very happy with the quality!!! And if not for actually eating he definitely loves to use them to fling food across the living room! They get incredible range for such small things 😳

    By - Kindle Customer
  • These training silverware are great! The fat handles make them easy to hold. My daughter is mostly feeding herself after using these for just a few weeks now! They are great quality too! I would definitely recommend them.

    By - Jason&Rachel
  • Nice substantial and attractive spoons and forks. The plastic carrying case is a nice touch. Pack of 3 spoon and fork sets, with one plastic case. I will buy again when my older spoons (the ones I had before this set) fall apart.

    By - Comme La Lune
  • Really good product. Perfect for the gums of my little one and now its teeth. So they are perfect to learn how to swallow at the beginning without hurting mouths. I will probably buy some spoons a little bit "deeper" when my baby will be older but I believe I will still use them for at least a year or 2.

    By - Steph
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Organic Bamboo Eco Diapers, Silky Soft Natural Disposable, w/Wetness Indicator Wicks Away Moisture to Keep Your Newborn, Infant & Toddler Dry & Happy Small Size 1-2 120ct...

About Product

  • SAFEST, MOST ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO DIAPERS YOU CAN BUY – 93% COMPOSTABLE: Parents love our size 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bamboo diapers. Carefully crafted from FSC Certified bamboo grass fiber pulp, our environmentally friendly ANTI-ALLERGENIC diapers are the best diapers any nature loving parent can buy because they are FREE of elemental chlorine, pesticides, gmos, latex, lotions, fragrance, dyes, phthalates, optical brighters, organotins, mbt, dbt, tbt, dioxins and made from only PURE ORGANIC MATERIALS
  • SILKY SOFT, COMFY-FIT & BREATHABLE- WRAP BABY IN A PILLOWY CLOUD OF SOFTNESS: Parents love these bamboo diapers because beyond the fact that they’re MORE PLUSH than bamboo cloth diapers, cradle sensitive bottoms in a pillow of luxurious softness – from the interior bamboo diaper liners, to the SECURE-FIT FREEDOM WAISTBAND, to the ADJUSTABLE MAGIC VELCRO TAPE – every square inch of these diapers embrace an ultra-plushness you’ll have to feel to believe
  • STOPS LEAKS, PREVENTS BLOWOUTS & AVERTS DIAPER RASH w/ SUPERIOR 360* DUAL LEAK GUARD PROTECTION that WICKS AWAY MOISTURE: You don’t have to sacrifice leak protection to get the safest natural diapers on the market, because BabieB leverages 360* DUAL LEAK GUARD PROTECTION that PREVENTS LEAKAGE & BLOWOUTS plus and MOISTURE WICKING pure bamboo diaper liner – meaning you DECREASE the RISK OF DIAPER RASH – so BABY STAYS HAPPY & DRY
  • SAVE MONEY, USE FEWER DIAPERS - ALWAYS KNOW WHEN BABY IS WET or DRY: If you want the SUPER ABSORBENCY and WETNESS INDICATORS that name brand diapers provide, without the yucky toxins, then you’ll love how much easier these bamboo nappy’s make your life. While most of your natural parenting friends are having to pull away the diaper for a ‘peek’, risking messy hands, you’ll always know if your little one is wet or dry with a single look at the 3 lines of wetness indicators
  • CHECKS OFF ALL THE BOXES – USE WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE: Of course you want to protect your baby and the environment, yet you and baby also deserve to feel 100% confident that your diapers provide the best protection money can buy, and that’s why we designed BabieB SUPER ABSORBENT Bamboo Diapers with comfort fit resealable Velcro tabs, a rash-reducing, moisture wicking liner, and a no-leak 360* leak protection band – so and baby can venture into the world with one less mess to worry about

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